About Nicolas Hauff

nicolas“Whenever I can, I will connect you with people, and I will connect you with ways to acquire new knowledge.

This is my passion: to learn new things, to meet new people, and to introduce you to one another, as a way of making you aware of concepts and opportunities that you might never have considered and that can produce breakthrough results.”

Nicolas Hauff, author The Three Challenges

Nicolas Hauff brings more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and advisor in the areas of information technology and business training.

Born and raised in Mexico City from a German father and a British-Austrian mother, he has a multinational background, is fully trilingual, and has traveled extensively for business, education, and pleasure.

Having been through successes and struggles in his own entrepreneurial path, Nicolas has a huge passion for candidly sharing his knowledge and experiences with other business owners to help them avoid the most common pitfalls and thrive as entrepreneurs. For this purpose, he has established partnerships with some of the most respected international thought leaders and their organizations, having provided hundreds of entrepreneurs with the necessary tools for growth in their personal and business lives.

He is an actively involved member of the world renowned Entrepreneur’s Organization and a certified coach by Gazelles International, a worldwide association of independent executive business coaches focusing primarily on the development of mid-sized companies.

He is also a cofounder and shareholder of Krezko, a coaching firm for small businesses, that remotely delivers the well-known EMyth, Pumpkin Plan, and Profit First programs in Spanish.

Nicolas is an avid learner; he enjoys reading, connecting with people, traveling, and regularly attending international workshops and conferences.

On a personal basis and through his firm, he offers keynote speaking, seminars, workshops, and coaching.